OK! Where do I start?

I have nearly 30 years experience within the world of learning and development; over the years my career has covered Customer Service, Systems training, Total Quality Management, training management, consultancy and Management Development.  I have been with Dove Nest Group for nearly 8 years and now tend to specialise in Leadership and Personal Development and how they relate to organisational effectiveness.  I have developed and implemented development interventions across many market sectors including Public, Professional Service, Outsourcing and Telecoms. Globally I have delivered development programmes and consultancy initiatives in Europe, the USA, Asia and the Middle East and I was responsible for Executive Development to clients of Accenture HR Services and have run my own business (although I get lonely and so prefer working as part of a team).

I have a deep passion for development and get immense pleasure in helping people to build their self-confidence, resilience and to generally grow and develop as a person.    And, whilst it is people and their growth that really motivates me I also am greatly interested in the very mechanics and theory that underpins what I do as a facilitator and coach.  This latter interest has lead me into the “murky” world of psychology! This started first with being trained to use psychometric instruments and then to really start to explore what do we really mean by “development.”  Recently I have also extended this interest by starting down the route of training as a psychotherapist.  Currently I have done three years of training to be a Transactional Analyst; however (and this will turn up here in one of the blog postings) me and TA slightly fell out!  Whilst I appreciate the theory etc.  that model was not one that I wanted to find myself within; having said that I got a lot from the three years, met some fantastic people and leaned a lot about myself.  This is something that I will return to and complete my training, although within a different theoretical school.

This blog …

Recently I have started to write! This is something that I have long wished to do (one of my ambitions is to see my name on the cover of a book in Waterstones) and have recently, partly spurred on by having to write essays for the Therapy course, I have got down to the discipline of actually putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard).  What i want to do with this site is to use it for writing practice, to begin to formulate my thoughts around some cohesive whole that may, or may not, form the kernel of something bigger.  At least what it will do is provide me with a vehicle for articulating my thoughts especially around the main themes of learning and development.